A new VW van for climate-conscious hippies

Original VW van. Image from Wikipedia

The iconic VW van, known and loved by hippies, college kids, and campers, has been updated for a new market of climate-conscious consumers. Volkswagen’s microbus, the Bulli, first debuted in 1950 and was produced through 1967. Other versions of the popular bus followed on the heels of the Bulli, but now the company has reincarnated the original in the hopes of bringing back the sense of freedom inspired by the original.

The all-electric Volkswagen Bulli

The new Bulli, a concept vehicle shown at the Geneva Auto Show, is all-electric, can go up to 186 miles on a single battery charge, and can reach speeds of 87 miles per hour. Jonathan Browning, president and CEO of Volkswagen of America, told Automobile Magazine that although the vehicle is just a concept, it was “number one on my unfunded projects list.” Still, experts don’t rate the chances as very high that the vehicle will go into production. We hope they’re wrong!

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