Must read: Oil exploration and discovery – are we peaking or not?

Is global oil production peaking? The peak oil debate has been going on for a number of years. Depending on how production and exploration numbers are presented, and also depending on who you talk to (NGO, oil industry, government, economist), you may either be convinced that oil will peak soon, or that we have plenty of it.

My colleague Roland Horne recently wrote an excellent summary of this problem, which he presented at the International Forum on Higher Education and Energy at China University of Petroleum last month. You can download it here. A very highly recommended read. It will help you put this debate in perspective.

Whatever is happening at this time, there is no doubt in my mind that we must reduce demand (efficiency!), and make a bold move towards electric transport. To enable electric transport we must invest heavily in renewable energy production. An electric transport future based on coal paints a very bleak picture also.

Read the document, and send me any comments and questions. This is a very important topic and a good one to debate further.


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